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Message? What Subliminal Msg?

by on Jun.03, 2013, under Mind Power

That’s really the message of a subliminal msg, isn’t it?  You’re not supposed to get the message.  The subliminal messenger slips the msg through to your subconscious mind without the message going to you.  That’s why it’s called a SUBliminal message.  And once the subliminal msg is in your subconscious mind, a subliminal message starts mixing up your internal messaging system.  You think subliminal messages are insidious?  You only know the half of subliminal control, in fact you know less than a fraction.  Get the mind power message yet?

Click Subliminal Message

Messages your own subliminal mind

A subliminal msg is mind power. Send your own powerful messages to your own subconscious mind with hypnosis. I don’t mean you should see your local hypnotist. My sublime message is that you should learn the power of your own mind by learning to message your own mind with your own power messages. My body is my temple and so is my mind.

Whether the subliminal msg is a verbal note, a visual message or a written memo, if the message’s author wasn’t you, then someone else has effectively used mind power on you with a powerful subliminal message. Send your own subliminal msg back – “My mind will power my own mind.”

Mind Power By Hypnosis Now

Now I’ve gotten you here to read this message, act on it. Gain the mind power of hypnosis to protect your mind from external messages that are generally NOT for your good.

Use Hypnotism – Click Here

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Seduction by Subliminal Methods – Why Subliminal Messages for Seduction Are So Effective

by on Aug.29, 2011, under Lifestyle

There is a reason why seduction by subliminal and hypnosis tactics are far more effective than any other seduction methods and when you fully grasp just one simple fact, your subliminal seduction success rate will skyrocket!

Subliminal Seduction Methods

Subliminal SeductionI’m going to start this article in a funny way by telling you something related to subliminal messages you will not have heard from ANYONE else. You’re NOT actually of your body. You are a entity riding in your body and you are co-using your body’s organic brain but your essential self comes from the astral realm of eternity. Your body’s native brain is incorrectly labeled as your ‘subconscious mind’. When in fact, the subconscious mind is the organic human’s thinking. A person without a spirit is a fairly smart animal but it is no more capable of deeper reasoning than a monkey is.

This seemingly outlandish presumption stems from my death experience, where the bulk of my intellect traveled onwards to eternity when my human component was drowned. It only stands to reason that if part of the intellect transcends death, then the real intelligence can’t actually be a total function of the human body.

You might be wondering ‘what the heck this has to do with seduction by subliminal means?’ The answer is simple. The human, either male or female, wants to mate and it has no morals against even screwing in an alley like a dog does. The morality against that type of behavior is a function of the spirit that serves as the conscious mind. When employing subliminal tactics, you are communicating directly to the human animal within and bypassing the conscious spirit ego. Accepting this to be true will vastly improve your effectiveness at subliminal manipulation.

Subliminal Seduction is Effective

So the vitally important information about seduction by subliminal means is already contained in the above three paragraphs. Now I’ll give an example of how to best use that knowledge to accomplish subliminal seductions.

You might have a firm grasp of language nuances, but the organic human’s skill at communication is drastically limited. This is why the subconscious mind misunderstands synonyms and more complex sentences.

Subliminal Seduction Method – Below Me

subliminal seductionsWhen I’m speaking with a girl I intend to seduce, I try to employ the phrase ‘below me’. Below me is something that can be unobtrusively inserted into almost any conversation. IE: ‘The use of that nasty word is below me.’ The girl’s conscious mind will obviously interpret the meaning exactly like I said it, but the lesser human thinking capacity underneath will get it as the subliminal message of ‘blow me’ as in a request for oral sex because it sounds roughly the same when the ‘be’ is not stressed sufficiently. Perhaps you’ve noticed that almost all vulgar terms alluding to sex are short (usually only 4-letters).

Certainly just one insertion of ‘blow me’ won’t immediately translate into a full-blown seduction but when it is one of a series of sexual innuendos fired off subliminally, the irresistible reproductive urge of the human female will eventually override restraints artificially placed by the woman’s soul intellect. Then the seduction by subliminal tactics will prove out as easily successful.

I’ll end by asking you a few questions as one guy to another. How many times have you been guilty of thinking with the little head? Were you even thinking at all? Or can you see that I’m correct about my unusual notion in that your human animal had briefly taken command?

For the purpose of seduction, subliminal and hypnosis tactics work hand-in-glove. Or I suppose the more appropriate semi-subliminal expression of a perfect fit would be arm-up-sleeve. Learn a lot more tactics designed expressly for seduction by subliminal means and coerce out the mating urge driven human animal in her!

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Subliminality of Seductive Girls

by on Jul.03, 2011, under Lifestyle

Good subliminal seducers understand the subliminality of seductive girls and so should you. Exercise your subliminal messages talent on seductive girls.

With his innards aflutter, as if stepping off a thrilling rollercoaster, the Subliminality Seduction Systems CEO escorted the seductive female amusement he had purchased to ride, into her gilded cage apartment.

“Yee gads,” The less than subliminal seducer gushed when they were alone in the sumptuous main room that was accessed through a door installed in his office, “you are such an incredibly seductive girl!”  He kicked off his shoes and moved to stand on the thick Polar Bear rug in front of the rock fireplace.  This was the seduction spot where his subliminal imagination had him despoiling his thrall for the first time.  He hadn’t read the subliminal message or the subliminality memo.

His hopeful vision swirled into his mind’s yearning.  A wench struggles and beats frail fists against his manly chest.  His forceful kiss and fierce embrace evokes her sighing surrender.  Entwined bodies fold down to a semi-nude tangle on the pristine fur rug.  A bodice-ripping romance novel could be penned based on the passions mounting to a crescendo, but then the tale becomes a pornographic pocketbook.

“This structure cost as much to build,” Bob swept his hand around the room, “as some of my competitors are worth.”  It didn’t matter though.  Nothing was too good for the man that owned a large portion of the world.  “We’re going to have oodles of fun here.”

“~You’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny.” Lyra replied in Russian.  “~You’re too cowardly to even commit your own murders.”

“Don’t you speak English?”  Bob’s eyes abruptly stopped the pan of luxury furnishings to lock onto her uncomprehending expression.  He was not prepared for this contingency.  As the usual occurrence with most of his imperfect software, it was a major unforeseen glitch that came back to chew a big chunk from his hind flanks.

“Eeengleash,” she pretended accessing a limited vocabulary, “nyet.”

“I’ll teach what I need you to know.”  His voice grew excessively loud.  His words slowed and he gesticulated them with exaggerated motions.

“~Could shouting possibly make a person understand a foreign tongue any better?” Lyra feigned an attempt to fathom a possible interpretation.

“Give-me-your-jacket.”  Bob asked and then pantomimed taking off a coat.  He had to perform the action three times and point at her before the puzzled shrug resolved to the desired action of coat shedding.  He hung the garment on a peg.  “Now how do I ask for the rest of your clothing?”

“~On your orders, a beast named Anaconda threw a young man off a balcony.”  Stifling a yawn, Lyra shrugged again and offered a statement in Russian with a sweet smile.  “~I was dragged past his broken body to be raped by disgusting swine.  If you think I’m going to do anything for you willingly, then you are stupider than everyone in the world thinks you are.”

“Yes, I’m sure we will get along well too but right now,” the CEO’s hands began to tremble with anticipation, “I want to see you naked again.”

“~I’ve had a really long day.”  Lyra pressed her palms together and gestured hands as a pillow under her ear.  “Go away and let me sleep.”  She tilted her head over and briefly closed her eyes.

“We’ll screw first.”

“Screw?”  The perplexed girl tried the word tentatively in English and then grinned.  “Screw, da!”  I can use this to my benefit.  “Screw—yes!”

“The screw room is over this way.”  Bob swept his hand to indicate the direction she should lead.

The bimbo thought screw meant sleep: he would enjoy showing her the real translation.  “I wanted our first time to be in a special place like right here but the king sized bed is good too.”

“~You can diddle yourself wherever you want.”  Lyra examined the bedroom doorframe as she meandered towards it.  Excellent!  There is a socket for a deadbolt!  “~But you won’t get satisfaction from me tonight.”

“This is my every fantasy about to become reality.”  The dork reached his shaking fingers out to rest them on the small of her back.

“Screw.”  The slave accelerated her steps as she neared the doorway and outdistanced his touch.
With a quick dash inside, the female closed the bedroom door in his anguished face.  She grasped the interior latch and slammed the deadbolt home.

“Screw me!”  Bob checked his momentum before the wood could smash his nose.  He couldn’t snatch his extended arm back fast enough and the tip of his middle finger was painfully pinched.  The clack of the lock resounded like a pile driver on his libido.

Bob sucked his nipped finger.  His visualization of this day’s end had a different extremity being licked and not with his own lips.

“Why did I have the contractors put a lock on the bedroom door when the whole apartment is secure?”  His memory flashed to a mind’s vignette that prompted the installation.  He was dressed in a Hugh Hefner style robe and he was spinning the deadbolt.  Turning, he faced the scantily clad siren beckoning from the bed.  “For the scene to resemble the anonymity of an escort in a hotel room, it needed the audible mood-setting deadbolt clack.”

“I don’t even remember if I have the key somewhere.”  The cost of the later addition of the lock was the only item remaining in his memory.  The ultra-rich cheapskate pouted at the excessive price that was now working against his ardor.  “I didn’t expect to be trapped on the wrong side of it.”

Bob heard a slight shuffle behind the door and he wondered if she had changed her mind.  The billionaire stared intently at the wood and tried to will it to open.  Unbeknownst, the girl had only wedged a chair under the knob to ensure her sleep wouldn’t be molested, even if he possessed the key.  The frustrated man stood fruitlessly waiting for a few more minutes.  He couldn’t even go to his bed at home because his wife thought he was sleeping in the ship’s cabin tonight.

“At least this deadbolt,” Bob left the suite and entered his attached private office, “is installed on the right side.”  He vengefully secured the exterior door that penned his captive into her finite demesnes.

“Tomorrow I’ll resolve the problems.”  Wall curled up uncomfortably on his office couch and shivered slightly: he didn’t have a blanket.  A slave was supposed to keep him warm.  Instead, she had destroyed the pleasure of his first night of mastership.

“Push her from mind.”  Thoughts of the luscious Russian female would wreck his chances of getting any rest.  He rolled over and his face jammed against the leather upholstery.  How many fleshy butt cheeks had been here before his gaunt facial one?  Had many of those had quietly passed anal gas?  With an aroma of phantom farts in his nose, the billionaire slid into the first of several fitful slumbers.

“This is just another necessary price for keeping our way of life.”  As the manager of the Islamic Jihad Journal, Bijan Kiani reported the effects of the action and editorialized on the politics too.  His present duty though, stepped into journalism’s dark-side—he was helping to create the news.  A finger poised hesitantly over the send key.  The message he was about to forward, ordered a team of men to stand ready for an unscrupulous task.

“I could turn her on subliminally with double play on subliminal messages.” The subliminal seducer smiled at how appropriate that was for his strike three on the beautiful girl. The other subliminality gauge had registered just seconds ago. “Sending the beautiful girl my subliminal seduction message.”

“This will really send a strong subliminal msg.” Seduc flipped three toggles, with latex encased hands and then mind power impulses traveled back to the subconscious mind of the beautiful girl..

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Subliminality of Beautiful Girls

by on Jun.04, 2011, under Lifestyle

A clever subliminal seducer understands the subliminality of beautiful girls and so should you. Exercise your sublime messages talent on beautiful girls. The mechanical shaft, the beautiful girl section of a subliminality gauge shot up upwards and jiggled briefly before coming to rest on an subliminal increment. The sublime message of the beautiful girl’s subliminality chart had pressured up the subliminal message receptors sealed inside her brain. The conforming action her subconscious mind gave the seducer a momentary submiminal msg to begin his seductive subliminal message stream into her subconscious mind. The beautiful girl felt exceptional comfort but towards her potential seducer was there for another subliminal reason.

The semi-liquid pressed onto a subliminality plunger, crafted into the barrel of one subliminal brain input. The sensor sent its signal through the internal subliminal messaging center, to the subconscious antenna that was modified to serve also as the beautiful girl’s subconscious seduction response. The mental power knob, on the top of the beautiful, transmitted its subliminal message to a receiver in the beautiful girl’s seductive mind.

“I could turn her on subliminally with double play on subliminal messages.” The subliminal seducer smiled at how appropriate that was for his strike three on the beautiful girl. The other subliminality gauge had registered just seconds ago. “Sending the beautiful girl my subliminal seduction message.”

“This will really send a strong subliminal msg.” Seduc flipped three toggles, with latex encased hands and then mind power impulses traveled back to the subconscious mind of the beautiful girl..

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Find it Funny

by on May.20, 2011, under Lifestyle

Subliminal Messages – You find it sublimely funny – so do I.

Subliminal Message - Good Old Number 7

Fortunately for the rest of those who don’t find it quite as funny, there are plenty of banners and ads to click away at. The funny thing is though, you’ll likely find it at another place to. And since funny is subject to each individual taste, you’ll find it humorous wherever you find it funny. :-)

OLD Find It Funny?

Here we have an advertisement for Jack Daniels.  It looks fine enough but do you find it funny?  Look closer and see if you can see the subliminal message hidden in plain sight.

View OLD as 2 eyes and nose.  Then the subliminal message becomes humorous. No! says the mouth as it opens up to suck the phallic seven.  You find it funny?

Click to Use Subliminal Power for your Benefit

LOL, I just looked at the funny banner above. Wow! Is she ever look small next to that big pile of cash! If she wants to find it, she’ll have to stand on her tiptoes to reach up and Click It.

Whether you find it funny or not, the point is that you are here now. What will you do? Can you read between the lines, or rather around the lines? I found it just fine and here I am too. And I do find that message sublime in a funny kind of way. These are subliminal messages. Smile.


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